can u list down your most favourite top 5 blogs? xD

can i list… more than 5?

kittykibummie- world’s nicest person ever, shes so lovely to talk to and even if you have personal rants, she’ll talk to you and omg im so glad i met her on tumblr<3 ALSO her blog is SO FULL OF KEY i abso-freakin-lutely love it <3

mintokkies- magic giffer. her gifs are truly amazing and o man shes such a legend <3 shes such a ncie person to talk to as well, and OMG BEST PERSON TO FANGIRL WITH ABOUT MINHO SINCE SHES THE BIGGEST FLAME OUT THERE <3 i freaking love her to bits.

littleshinee- pretty sure all you people follow this goddess already so it’d be pointless to tell you what an awesome person and how amazing she gifs aw man <3 she gifs so damn fast ITS KINDA SCARY.

sojuberry- best taemin blog out there, o man <3 just started talking to her recently and shes absolutely delightful! :) i love her already :) and her taemin gifs are so HQ and amazing ahhhhhh <3

envinae- flawless edits. flawless gifs. gives me my blinger feels. i love her blog omg <3 shes also an amazing person to talk to ahhhhh <3 i love sae <3 

minlu- BEAUTIFUL AMAZING MINHO GIFS I LOVE HER BLOG AHHHHH! i havent really talked to her much which is quite sad because i absolutely love her blog <3

fivekoreanboys- her blog is AMAZING. fullstop. nothign else to say. her playlist always makes me smile and all her gifs and edits are amaizng! ah!

omg i actually have so many blogs but I DONT REMEMBERRRRRR. im always liek this. aksdhflaksd i will make a follow forever soon so adshfkalshd <3 definitely check these blogs out… BECAUSE I CHECK THEM OUT EVERY DAY <3

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